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  • B.A.M.S.( Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) from Smt. K.G.M.P. Ayurveda college & hospital, University of Mumbai. First in the institution throughout all academic years.
  • M.D.(Doctor of Medicine) (Kaychikitsa)- From Smt. K.G.M.P. Ayurveda college & hospital, University of Mumbai; Highest marks in the subject of Kayachikitsa( Medicine) in Mumbai University.(1992-1995).
  • Diploma In yoga , in October 2006( University of Mumbai)
  • AWARD: Felicitated By Prestigious “Sandu Dhanwantari Award”
Professional Affiliation

Professional Affiliation

  • Hon.Ayurveda Consultant in Department of Pharmacology at K.E.M.Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.
  • Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at Health Centre, University of Mumbai, Kalina, Santacruz (east).
  • Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at Ex. Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at Godrej Hospital, Vikroli, Mumbai.
  • Worked as a Chief Ayurveda investigator in a clinical trial, conducted at Tata Memorial Hospital & Research Centre of Cancer, on –“Efficacy & safety of Curcumin Formula & Ashwagandha in Osteosarcoma”.
  • Worked in the ethics committee of Sushrusha General Hospital, Dadar, Mumbai, for Clinical trials on Ayurvedeeya Formulations.
  • Worked in Acworth leprosy Hospital,Wadala, Mumbai, through their S.E.T. Program to eradicate Leprosy from Society.
  • Ayurveda, Diet & Panchakarma Consulting practice at Goregaon & Malad west, Mumbai, Since 1995 .
  • Active member of Goregaon Medical Association.
Professional Experience

Professional Experience

  • November 1990 To October 1991: 52 Weeks of Internship in Medicine, Surgery, E.N.T., Gynaec-Obstetric &Pediatrics O.P.D. & Hospital Affiliated To Smt.K.G.M.P. Ayurveda College & In Rural Area.
  • October 1991 TO March 1992:R.M.O at Sangam General Hospital.
  • April 92 to September 1992: R.M.O. At Dhanwantari Orthopaedic Hospital.
  • October 1992 to August1995:3 Yrs. Residency at Smt. K.G.M.P Ayurveda Hospital in Medicine and Panchakarma Unit./li>
  • 01–02–1994 TO 31-07-1994: For Six Months Residency in Multispecialty Bhatia General Hospital.
  • 30th September 1995 to till Date: Evidence Based Ayurveda Consulting At Various Places in Mumbai
  • From 2001 to till date : Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai.
  • From 2010 till date : Hon. Ayurveda Consultant at University of Mumbai


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  • "Evidence based management of Cancer by Ayurveda."
  • Efficacy Of CisussQuadriangularis In Fracture Healing
  • Efficacy Of Boswellia In Osteoarthritis
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  • Evidence Based Management Of Asthma & C.O.P.D. By Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Treatment Of Oligospermia
  • Biological Effects Of Langhan( Fasting) ,Deepan&Pachan
  • Evidence Based Management Of Pain By Ayurveda
  • Evidence Based Mangement Of Rheumatoid Arthritis By Ayurveda)
  • Evidence Based Management Of Obesity By Ayurveda
  • Nutrigenomics And Ayurveda
  • Metabolic Syndrome- Beyond Insulin Resistance & Ayurveda Management.
  • Understanding of PCOD & Ayurvedeeya Management


Challenging Cases treated with positive out come


To maintain the health of healthy person and to treat the diseased person

Ayurvedic Principles
cancer treatment


Now a days, patients ,especially after the age of 50 are on one or more allopathic drugs like Anti diabetics, antihypertensive, Cholesterol lowering or on antibiotics, Chemotherapy etc. But still results are not satisfactory or along with these concurrent drugs they are willing to take Ayurveda medicines for same or other problems like allergy, asthma, Arthritis or for improving immunity or to prevent side effects of chemotherapy etc. At that time, question arises that, whether medicines of both the pathies can be taken together? I generally advise that, in such cases, although drug interaction study is not done on each and every drug from Ayurveda & alloapthy, it would be prudent to take these medicines at different timings or at least 30-45 minutes apart. Those who are on Anti Tuberculosis drugs or on Chemotherapy or on warfarin or anti depressant drugs or are hospitalized they should consult their Physician before taking these medicines together.

  • There are two types of steroids,
    1) Chemical steroids like wyselone, betamethasone, Dexamethasone etc which are manufactured in pharmaceutical companies & to be used only by Allopathic experts in it.
    2) natural steroids which are available naturally in various herbs or foods like Bringle, Fenugreek, Sounf , Glycirhagia etc do contain traces of naturally occurring steroids and they are absolutely safe and non toxic.

Ayurveda has used all kinds of metals & stones like Gold, silver, iron, arsenic, copper, Mercury, Sulfur, pearl, Diamond etc as a valuable source of medicine against various diseases, to be used in advanced stages. It is said that, if these metals are used with proper cautions and guidelines then many a times, incurable diseases are cured completely and person can live for many years with disease free healthy life.

How metals are used?
Metals are not used as it is in their physical form, as available in nature. In olden days, in ancient India a science of Metal (Metalography) was very well advanced. They knew all physical chemical properties along with medicinal and harmful effects of all the metals. Hence, they had invented a very innovative technique of “detoxifying” the metals and were able to augment the useful properties of the metals to be used. This science was known as “Rasashastra” (Study of Mercury)

What is Bhasma
The metal to be used is subjected to various (minimum 8 to maximum 18) process of Shodhan, Maran, Amrutikarn etc. till the metal loses its all physio-chemical properties & becomes like a ash this new form is called as “Bhasma”. Bhasma in this form and when used judiciously by an expert, is not at all toxic. But Bhasma, which is not made properly, means which still has toxic content and if used by non experienced Vaidya, then Bhasma can give rise to toxic side effects like damage to skin, hair, teeth, gums or to other vital organs like kidney & liver

Ayurveda parameters of bhasma of good quality
Metals are heavier than water hence they sink in water but all Bhasma, prepared as per Ayurveda guidelines are so light that they float on the water; this is one of the simplest testing the bhasma’s purity. Rightly made Bhasma is so nano in size that it will be finer than the diameter of our lines on the palm & will get clogged into these fingerprints easily. Rightly made Bhasma are non shiny, non crystalloid. Like this there are several tests are mentioned in Ancient texts of Rasashastra.

Modern Tests for assessing the non toxicity of Bhasma-
Following are the authentic journals, in which vigorously studied articles are published after the thorough testing of bhasma by all possible modern technology and surprisingly observation is- “ The bhasma, prepared as per Ayurveda Guidelines are Non-Toxic” . Those who are interested, can read further.

List of articles on “Evaluating toxicity of bhasma”

  • journal of advanced pharmaceutical research 2014-vi 5 issue 1 ". Bhasma the ancient Indian nano medicine"
  • Indian j of pharmaceutical sciences 2013/ vol 75/issue 3" acute and subacute toxicity of Tamara bhasma in rats prep from ashodhit and shodhit tamra
  • Advance in applied science and research 2012 " diff Au content in swarna bhasma prep.
  • Indo American j of pharmaceutical research 2013. Development of quality standard of ancient silver based nanomedicine
  • International j of pharmaceutical and biological archives " toxicity studies of nag bhasma when prep as per Ayurveda toxicity eradication 2012. Vol 3 issue 5
  • Genotoxicity of various bhasma. This was done at international institute of biotechnology and toxicology in 2010 and study confirmed that these bhasma prep as per text are not genotoxic neither by micronucleus nor by commet assays ( kajjali tamra ras mani kya abhrak swas kuthar smriti sagar were the formulations tested for toxicity)
  • Handbook of metalloneutraceuticals by pathak. Crc publication USA 2014
  • Standardization of Ancient Nanomedicine: Bhasma Monali Vakte1*, Sarita Pawar1, Vishal Pande1- Pharm Analysis & Quality Assurance Vol. 2015, Issue 2

Usage of Metals in Allopathic medicines.
Various metal derivatives are used even in various allopathic drugs like, Magnesium, aluminum in Antacids. Copper, Zinc, Selenium, in multivitamins. Platinum in cancer treatment. Gold injections in Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Hence it is advised, not to take these without consulting your doctor.

  • Apart from above all description on Bhasma, I do not use metallic preparations or Bhasma, unless absolute necessary and is unavoidable. But in such cases, I first inform patient about the bhasma to be used and proceed only after his/her consent to use Bhasmas. Last but not the least in such cases, I regularly check renal or liver function to asses any kind of slightest damage is seen, so that immediately Bhasma can be withdrawn. But in last so many years of practice from 1995, in whatever small number of cases I used Bhasma, not a single case has developed any side effect.
  • Most importantly, My herbal preparations are metal contamination free, means while processing and taking out extracts from the crude herb, all soil, water contaminations are removed during which metals from the soil etc are filtered out and then extracts are made into tablets or capsules, which are very safe to consume for long term.


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        Dr. Nitin Kochar

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        best ayurvedic doctor in mumbai

        best ayurvedic doctor in mumbai

        best ayurvedic doctor in mumbai
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        I met Dr. Nitin Kochar in the Medical Centre of the University of Mumbai at the Kalina Campus. He had just been appointed as the Consultant Physician by the University authorities. I had recently retired as Professor of French and Head of Department. That day I had come to take my routine blood pressure and was told by Valentina the Nurse in charge that Dr. Kochar who was specialized in Ayurveda would now be in the Medical Centre every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Since it happened to be a Thursday I decided to consult him that very day. I did not realize what an important moment that was for over the next few months it changed my approach to my health and way of life.

        Dr. Kochar has a very pleasant personality and he put me at ease. He has a quiet but firm voice and he has the time and the patience to listen to you. I told him that I had three problems—I saw floaters before my eyes in bright light, I had high blood pressure which kept on fluctuating and I was overweight. Despite of my efforts over several years I was unable to lose weight. I lost a few kilos but they invariably returned. I also suffered from severe pain in the knees and day by day I found it difficult to walk and maintain my balance while walking.

        Dr. Kochar addressed each of these issues. To begin with he explained that floaters before the eyes were directly related to the ageing process and that there was no permanent cure for them. However he asked me to immediately see an ophthalmologist and get my retina checked. It was only when I reported that all was well with my retina that he gave me pills for my floaters that he himself had prepared after carefully choosing the ingredients. This medicine gave me a lot of relief.

        As for my high blood pressure and pain in the knees he told me quite bluntly that they were the result of a sedentary life-style and obesity. Right from the outset he said that he did not believe in crash diets that had received a lot of publicity these days… The secret of losing weight permanently was eating right and in moderation… in short a balanced diet. He asked me to give up sugar but advised me to eat a piece of jaggery every day. The jaggery would increase the iron in my blood. He advised me to eat fruits only in the mornings and above all to have a very light dinner by 7p.m. if possible. He recommended a few ‘phulkas’ every day..a katori of ‘dal’ or sprouts a katori of vegetables and one katori of salad. Rice was also allowed in moderation but the day I ate rice I had to eliminate wheat. He strongly recommended Bhakri made of ‘bajri ‘or ‘jondhala’. The use of pure cow’s ghee was permitted in moderation. He also advised me to never take a second helping for we do not realize how much we eat. Snacks between meals were to be avoided as well as binge eating.

        The most important thing according to Dr. Kochar was regular moderate exercise. He stressed that diet control alone would not help me to lose weight. Since I was a senior citizen he recommended walking and asked me to slowly increase my speed. The moment my knees pained I was told to take a short rest. Before each walk he asked me to eat something sweet like for ex. a banana or a fig. After my walk he recommended some protein preferably in the form of nuts (almonds or walnuts).

        Dr. Kochar is someone who is deeply immersed in Ayurveda. I realized that it is a subtle complex system of diagnosis. The same medicine would not work for all personality types. After observing me carefully over several consultations he told me that I was a “Kapha” personality with traces of “Vata”. Initially he was convinced that I was ‘Kappa’ since I was laid back and easy going but later he noticed that I show an intensity of feeling in my reactions. Hence his conclusion was that I had a mixture of both Kapha and Vata. Since I was mainly ‘Kapha’ he recommended that I should eat very little yogurt…preferably in the mornings. Buttermilk was preferable. He also recommended spicy and pungent food.

        Dr. Kochar also asked me to regularly eat flax seeds. He also recommended a few neem leaves and turmeric on getting up in the morning. After so many years I am finally doing this for the past few months and my skin has improved and a nagging dry cough that sometimes worried me has completely disappeared.

        Over the years, thanks to Dr. Kochar, I have lost more than 12 kilos of weight and my blood pressure is maintained at normal levels. At 71 years I feel more active and healthy than I ever did before retirement.

        During my several years as Adjunct Faculty after my retirement I noticed that many teachers and officers had benefitted through Dr. Kochar and his judicious medical advice.

        I sincerely feel that the Medical Centre in the Kalina Campus should be expanded and given more publicity.

        71 years old patient, recurrent high grade papillary carcinoma of bladder, Onco BCG ( a type of chemotherapy) given three times but poor response, Recurrent growth in bladder and prostate, once TURP done and growth removed from bladder but it recurred and caused thickening of bladder wall Since November 2016 under Dr. Nitin Kochar's treatment, at that time had very thick bladder wall and cloudy urination and increased frequency.

        Surgeon advised to remove urinary bladder but patient refused.

        Today, latest CT and Cystoscopy shows no thickness at all, no new growth. Symptomatically much better, frequency reduced, no cloudy urinations.


        Scientists sometimes make repelling discoveries. In the field of health sciences one such new breakthrough is , to do fecal transplant into your gut or to consume capsules made from the healthy human poop which will boost your immunity, vigor and vitality!!

        It is also heard that if you are shitting healthy excreta, you will be paid a million dollar!!! But what if you are asked to consume a “Poopill ”?

        The concept of having healthy fecal matter is not new, in fact, in Ayurveda it is mentioned that “stool” is a reflection of Gut metabolism & it is the most important driving force for all metabolism & the systems of the body. A robust “Gut” will improve our overall immunity, strength, enthusiasm, charm, complexion, fierce and longevity. Further, it will yield you a million dollar healthy fecal matter too.

        Our Gut is an important harboring place for the most important element, which is called “Fire” which is also worshiped as a deity by almost all the religions in the world. This Fire is entrapped in the cells and is called as Mitochondrion; this fire (Mitochondrion) digests the consumed food & converts it into the usable energy and nourishes all the tissues and organs of the body. During this processing a non usable & toxic waste is also produced which is thrown through feces and urine. But before leaving the other end of the body, this faeces is a feast for trillions of bacteria colonizing our large intestines, these wonder creatures cohabitate with us & in exchange they provide us micronutrient by breaking down an undigested food particles. These colonizers also work as a guard for us and fight with terrorist kind of microorganism who are always trying to intrude into our body through the rear boundary. So, if we have healthy microbiota, we will have a healthy rewarding poop. And good bacteria or gut friendly bacteria can germinate only if our digestive system is habitable for them. Consequently, cleanliness of the Gut largely depends upon the strength of our digestive fire.

        Seven Signs of healthy poop:

        • it is non malodorous, even flatus is non odorous,
        • stool is not very soft or not too hard in consistency,
        • it is not like a cow dung, it is formed like a banana and
        • Comes out without any strain and not more than twice a day plus there is a complete satisfaction of evacuation without any further persisting urge of passing stool and does not feel fatigued after passing the stool.
        • It is devoid of blood, mucus, pus & majorly does not contain visible food particles.
        • Person has a good appetite, no bloating, and no burping, no excessive flatus and feels energetic after the act of defecation.
        • He/ she does not need to take purgatives to push the stool and gets a nature’s call at fixed time in the morning & or evening.

        Quality of the faecal matter largely depends upon the hygiene of the digestive system and the food we consume. If we follow following guidelines, it will definitely improve the good gut bacterial flora

        How to improve digestive system, Digestion & Assimilation?

        • Eat ginger (plain or with little salt or jaggary – if not diabetic) before the meals, it stimulates digestive juices and fire.
        • Use plenty of condiments like black pepper, turmeric, coriander, clove, cinnamon, hing, mustard seeds etc. in preparing food, they detoxify various toxins and facilitate digestion plus condiments improve blood circulation and makes channels clean.
        • Eat roasted flax seeds , ajwayan, sounf after the meals as mouth freshener, they help in assimilation, adsorb gases and improve digestion in large intestine which makes Gut bacteria happy
        • Comes out without any strain and not more than twice a day plus there is a complete satisfaction of evacuation without any further persisting urge of passing stool and does not feel fatigued after passing the stool.
        • Drink one glass of butter milk which is full of healthy & natural probiotics , it improves the colonization of healthy bacteria in large intestine.
        • Avoid junk food, heavy food, road side food
        • Have healthy and balanced diet as per your constitution, geography and whether.
        • Do not dump your stomach with large quantity of water in the morning on empty stomach, it douses the fire plus it is a load on the kidney, one should drink not more than maximum two glasses of luke warm water ( plain or with lemon , honey ) . Then throughout the day have one glass per hour. Do not drink excessive water during or before the meals. And drink after thirty minutes of the meal.
        • Do regular exercise and meditation, relaxation exercise regularly.
        • Avoid raw salad, spinach, methi leaves, cauliflower in rainy seasons as it is fully contaminated and may have cysts and eggs of worms.
        • Last but not the least, do one day fasting per week as per your capacity. Means, if your medical conditions allow you to abstain from the food for 12 or 24 hours then do it or if it is not possible to sustain the hunger then whole day have light diet like vegetable soup, thin dal, one or two fruits, coconut water, butter milk, tea, coffee, milk, chana, little khichadi of dal and rice, luke warm water. This act of controlled fasting has tremendous health benefits in number of diseases like Cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, gout, obesity, PCOD etc. As per the noble prize winner dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, this fasting stimulates a mechanism of “Autophagy” in the body which removes all dirt, free radicals , waste material lying in the tissues and organs and utilizes energy trapped in them . It also improves number of active units of Mitochondrion in the cells which increases the longevity of the cells and consequently of the person too who is doing such kind of controlled & intermittent fasting regularly.

        The outcome of above mentioned Ten Commandments shall reward you with health, longevity and a healthy (wealthy) donor of poop loaded with super power enriched microbiota to fight with super bugs and other illnesses.

        Thanks to the social networking, a poor cockroach, over nightly earned the whirlwind publicity when “Cockroach Theory” was copy-pasted and received nonstop likes and forwarding. The meaningful essence for the learner from this theory is, when you are attacked by enemy, unfavorable circumstances or by an obnoxious creatures like cockroach, the need is to “Respond” by remaining calm and composed and fight back with focused attention and target specific strategies. Many of us do exactly opposite and become anxious, apprehensive, and irate and flounce everywhere. Most of the times our “Reactions” are out of proportion to the situation, wasting our energy and efforts without affecting the enemy or changing the situation. The reason behind quoting this example, is to make all of us understand the pathology (harmful process) of diseases like Allergic Cough & Cold, Asthma, Allergic rashes etc. occurring to a many of us.

        Our every tissue and cell is genetically embossed with a unique personalized identity code, which, in this whole universe is exclusively marked only to you and our immunity cells are trained not to destruct the cells and organs having this code. Further, due to this cognizance of code word, our immunity system recognizes “self vs.non self” entities in the body. And Our guards of the immunity which are constantly moving and keeping a strict vigilance, so any foreign bodies (which are having different code or stamp than ours) like viruses, bacteria or any other microorganisms, toxic substances etc. which can put our life in jeopardy are constantly sieved off and destroyed by immunity and thrown out .

        Once, such toxic molecule is entered in to any tissue or organ, our signaling system gets activated and sends beckoning messages to the control room from where various cadets of immunity are rushed through blood vessels & the pores of blood vessels, which are otherwise tightly closed, give way to these cadets to the site of intruders and battle begins with various macrophages, white blood cells, antibodies, toxic T cells, Natural killer cells so on and so forth, till that terrorist is captured and killed completely.

        This background of battle field is essential to understand the allergic reactions and various allergic disorders, affecting number of people. Generally Immune cells are produced in proportion to the load of antigens ( toxic substances) and after the war, our immune cells stop firing but in some people, there is inappropriate reaction to the antigens and slew of immune cells are produced and sent to battle field to kill little amount of toxic antigens. As blood vessels have to carry immune cadets and to accommodate a big battalion, blood flow is also in excess and pores also open in large number causing swelling, congestion in the tissue or organ which is exhibited as warmness, redness, heaviness & pain. When this process happens in the airways of our respiratory system, we feel congested and it obstructs the free exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, hence we feel breathlessness plus in order to remove the culprit, our lungs secrete excessive mucus which also causes obstruction to breathing and constant stimulation of mucosa causes sneezing, running nose, itching in the eyes, ear, throat, salty taste in mouth. Our cough reflex is also activated to throw all mucus, loaded with culprit and dead immune cells, hence we develop continues coughing till the phlegm is expelled out. Further, even after the culprit is thrown out, our immunity system is unjustifiably active and keep on firing at the organ which ultimately damages the host tissue and causes soreness, swelling of airways, there is proliferation of number of cells and mucus which creates inflammation in the air ways and person finds difficulty in breathing, & he becomes “Asthmatic” if this occurs in nasal area then he or she develops “Allergic Rhinitis” which ultimately tend to develop to Asthma. If this pathology occurs in skin, then person develops “Allergic Rashes” or “Urticaria”. Repeated episodes of such kind of inflammation in the airways, reduces person’s capacity of breathing.

        The trivial fight which could have been won by “Responding” through one or two cadets, but due to “Reaction” by our immunity, we end in harming ourselves and making our body vulnerable to develop these allergic diseases.

        Conventional Treatment of Asthma & allergic rashes

        In order to dilate the constricted airways bronchodilators are used which on prolonged use can loosen up the elasticity of airways and they become rigid. Plus in order to douse the hyper activity of the immunity system, Steroids are also given which suppresses firing and over secretion of the mucus. One can use steroids in an emergency situation but frequent use of it causes detrimental side effects like weakening of bones, gastric ulcer, and kidney- liver damage, steroids also increase Blood pressure and makes patient prone to develop diabetes, premature cataract, weight gain, stunning of height etc. Further, moment we stop steroids; suppressed immunity gets doubly activated and again starts firing harmful toxic immune cells.

        Ayurveda’s way of managing Asthma & allergies

        In Ayurveda, these issues of allergic conditions are addressed by treating the root cause of hyperactivity of a person by restoring humoral imbalance, especially vitiated Pitta (one of the functional units controlling digestion and metabolism). Many a times when this Pitta is purged out, frequency of asthmatic or other all kinds allergic episodes reduce considerably. And our immunity is restored or modulated in correct way; means the toxic, hyper reactive pathway is blocked and self limiting pathway of appropriate response is activated. Due to which once the toxic foreign bodies are expelled, immunity stops producing and sending angry soldiers. So that there is no inflammation or no over proliferation of cells, allowing free and easy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

        For Asthma, those who are having proper strength should do Panchakarma like Vaman (induced vomiting) or Virechan (induced Purgation) so that these Pitta and Kafa are expelled from the body and obstruction to the flow of Vata in the channels are removed. After these Panchakarma, anti allergic, anti asthmatic herbal medications can be taken as per the constitution of the patient, for eg. Tulsi, kantakari, Turmeric, Bharangi etc. Those who are thin and contraindicated for vamana and virechana they should directly take above mentioned herbal medicines under supervision

        Diet for asthma & allergies

        As vitiated Pitta ( along with Kafa & Vata) is the root cause of asthma and allergic disorder, it will be prudent to consume food which will reduce the pitta and will restore the balance of all three Humors in the body .Their diet should be directed to improve the muscular strength and reducing inflammation so recipes like sesame seeds boiled in milk or pumpkin pulp roasted in homemade ghee or almond porridge, halwa etc can be taken. Liberal use of turmeric either in milk or dal to be encouraged as Turmeric reduces inflammation and also breaks rigid bonds of thick mucus which can be expelled easily. All asthmatic and allergic rhinitis patients should take herbal tea of ginger, black pepper, Tulsi leaves, clove, and coriander seeds. They should eat less of wheat and rice and should consume more of millets like Jwari or Bajri . Once in a week all asthmatic should take Kulthi (Hoarse gram) dal. Patients of allergic rashes can try having mixed powder of black pepper- 1 or 2 pills + ginger 1/4th teaspoon and candy sugar one teaspoon, once or twice a day. All of them should strictly avoid all kinds of fast or junk food, pickle, sauces, milkshakes & they should not consume curd, non vegetarian food, heavy , fried food at night time,

        All asthma, allergic rhinitis and urticaria patients should religiously do pranayaam, as deep breathing will reduce hyper activity and will relax smooth muscles of the air ways, thereby reducing spasms in the air ways and reduction in the episodes of Asthma. Plus deep breathing also helps in reducing inflammation in blood vessels thereby reducing allergic rashes.

        So focused and judicious use of Ayurveda, Diet & Pranayam would enable a person to “Respond” appropriately to a painful stimulus and keep asthma and allergies under control permanently with minimum or no use of steroids and other inhalers or injections.

        When I proclaimed this statement for Arushi, a 12 year old girl, presented with the complaint of high grade temperature since morning, her parents were confused and their facial expression mirrored their feelings that they have probably visited the wrong doctor. I paused for a moment and requested them to calm down and hear me out for the next few minutes.

        What is fever? Friends, fever is our immunity’s response to a “toxic agent” which enters into our body to invade and destroy our tissues and life. Most of the times, this “Toxic agent” is either virus, bacteria or other microorganism which we collectively call “Pathogens”. (Sometimes fever is also caused due to non infectious causes which we will discuss some other day.)

        Once these pathogenic microorganisms enter, our body’s vigilance system immediately recognizes them & reports to the immunity system. Various cells of the vigilance and immunity system start firing multiple “signals” to our brain, blood and bone marrow -where our army is residing- so that our fighter cells like Macrophages, white blood cells, Lymphocytes, etc. can be rushed to the battle field & kill the terror causing virus or bacteria or other pathogens.

        Benefits of Fever- Now, through one of the widely accepted theories, it is established that the elevation of body’s temperature achieves dual benefits 1) In elevated temperature, most of the microorganisms find it difficult to survive and they start dying or slow down their growth & proliferation.

        2) Our immune system works faster& swifter at higher temperatures.

        For elevating body temperature, “Pathogen detector cells” send certain signals to the brain’s “temperature control centre” and higher set-point of the new temperature is set. Now in order to reach this higher goal, our body constricts the blood vessels which prevent heat loss and causes contraction of muscles, felt as shivering, resulting into the generation of heat. Many reptiles or amphibians staying in a cold water do not have these mechanism of increasing body temperature hence, when they get infected, they travel to hot springs or hotter area so that their body’s temperature is increased and germs are killed.

        Once this process is understood and if we are convinced then it becomes very clear that “Fever is our friend and not a Foe” Higher temperature (up to certain limit or threshold) helps us fight toxic pathogensin better way. And when we administer “fever lowering” medications (called as Antipyretics) like Paracetamol, Brufen, Mefenemic acid or Nimusulide , these antipyretics just lower the higher set point to a lower one which brings down body’s temperature but at the same time they help toxic virus or bacteria grow faster and attune our immune system. This consequently leads to survival of pathogens & lengthening of the duration of infection in the body. Stronger the antipyretics worse are the outcome. Plus they also mask the pattern of the fever and diagnosis becomes difficult.

        Listening to this, somewhat in a tenor of acceptance, Mrs. Jain asked, does it mean we should never lower the temperature? But we can’t see our child in pain and discomfort, and what if the fever “goes” into the brain?

        In reply, I asked them a counter question, what they will do if they smell something stink in their house. Will they just mask it by spraying a room freshener or will they try to find the source of foul smell and throw it out? We will do both the things, was the smart answer by the Jains!!I was happy to see an easing expression on their faces.

        Approach to treat Fever- I said similarly in case of fever, first, we must find out a “location”of the microorganism hidden in which system or tissue and thereafter, based on the signs and symptoms and based on our experience, we try to understand which kind of “Pathogen” is causing the fever and decide the treatment accordingly. Just giving an antipyretic is like spraying the room freshener. Albeit, it is very essential to make your child comfortable, we do give antipyretics, but in the initial phase when load of Pathogen and signaling is more in the body, the fever does not come down immediately and at this point one must remember that giving stronger medications like Brufen or Meftal or Nimusulide can be hazardous. Many a times the fever could be due to dengue or chikungunya. In such cases, Brufen etc. will further reduce / damage the Platelet count. Thus the aim of giving antipyretic is ‘not to reduce’ the fever but to control it from rising further to a higher level like 104 or 105 degree Fahrenheit and to reduce the body pain and other discomfort. For this, till date, Paracetamol is found to be a safer and a preferred antipyretic over others. Further if the child is very weak or has a history of convulsions or any other serious respiratory or cardiac ailments then we must try to lower temperature in a best possible way. Other than such exceptional cases, in all other healthy children, generally fever does not do them any harm. Most of the times, fevers in children are of Viral origin and most of them start with very high degree like 102-103-104 degree Fahrenheit but by day three or four the fever settles down. So they do not need antibiotics. As such antibiotics are of no use in Viral fever as antibiotics act only on bacteria.

        Further, if you give Paracetamol in a correct dose, fever comes down to normal and it comes back after 4 to 6 hours but in between these two spikes the child is well, not dull, little irritable but otherwise “does not look toxic” . This response to Paracetamol & a non-toxic appearance in between the spikes are a very very important diagnostic signs. And by and large, these two signs rule out bacterial infection. In Bacterial infections, generally, the fever is moderate in the initial days but after three days it increases and the response to Paracetamol becomes poor, it does not come down to normal level of 98.5 degree plus child is also “sick” in between the two spikes. Now if we give strong medications to lower the temperature, we miss all these vital information and it becomes difficult to locate the whereabouts of pathogens in our body. Once the pathogen and the affected system is understood, we prescribe antibiotics accordingly. And can prevent patient from taking unnecessary higher antibiotics. (In Malaria too child may look healthy in between the two spikes of fever, but IN malaria Temperature is erratic may come at any interval of time, which is not so in Viral fever.)

        Herbal Medicines for Fever- Certain herbal medications like Tinospora, Mahasudarshan or Sitopaladi, Kantakari, Tulsi etc. are value added medicines which improve the patients’ immunity and fight back the infection well. Papaya leaf juice and Hemidismus indicus and Pomegranate extract are excellent for cooling down & for preventing the destruction of Platelets in Dengue, Malaria and chikungunya. All these herbs stimulate the Liver to produce more antibodies

        Throughout the course of fever one must give herbal medicated water of Sandlewood, Musta, Parpat, Usheer. All these herbs reduce excess of heat and keep body well hydrated.

        Diet during Fever- As per Ayurveda, the diet should be easy to digest and light & also to be nourishing and detoxifying. The best recipe would be of 1 part of green gram + 2 parts of rice roasted together for 5 to 7 minutes and then boiled in water and simmered with homemade ghee and jeera, mustard seeds, hing, cloves, Black pepper, ginger and salt. Plus vegetable soup. But strictly, maida and bakery products should be avoided as they interfere with the production of some proteins which are required to kill pathogens. Remember that, regaining of hunger is most important indication of waning of toxins from the body. Patient should take full rest & all measures to prevent spread to others to be taken.

        Last but not the least, As Arushi was suffering from Viral fever and as I already predicted to her parents, her fever was totally cured by day four , without the need of giving any antibiotics or any strong Antipyretics. Parents were very happy and thanked for guiding and removing the “Fear of Fever”.

        Note: Always consult your family physician and avoid self medication

        (Senior Ayurveda Consultant)

        1. Glimpses of Cancer & its Management by Ayurveda

        In Ayurveda, Cancers are called as “Arbuda” & it is described that, Cancer is a low grade, inflammatory disease; which increases very slowly. Further, it is also mentioned that, unlike other inflammatory swellings, Arbuda ( Cancer) does not ripen and swelling of Cancer is very stiff and hard on palpation.

        The treatment protocol of cancer in Ayurveda is,

        • Debulking - first step is to reduce the swelling either by oral medications, Panchakarma & or coupled with certain local application of herbal paste on visible swelling. This reduces the hardness and size of the swelling, which is followed by next step of Surgery.
        • Surgery – If patient is not contra indicated for surgery, then the best way to get rid of cancer is, to perform Surgery, by an expert Surgeon, who knows all about the anatomy of the body, & about the “Marma” ( certain very vital parts of the body, damage to which can be fatal), disease and has undergone full training of surgery. The next step is-
        • Agnikarma – (Ancient radiotherapy) -local cauterization- so that remnants of cancerous cells are also burnt and prevents its spread & relapse. Finally to give Rasayana treatment.
        • Rasayana - Rejuvenating medicines to improve the immunity and strength of the body.

        2. How Ayurveda’s methods & principles can be integrated with today’s conventional treatment of cancer. –

        Detoxification- Ayurveda emphasizes a lot on the detoxification procedures, called Panchakarma. These are five processes like- induced vomiting, purgation, medicated enemas, bloodletting & nasal instillation of medicines. It is said that through these detoxification processes, all causative humors and toxins can be expelled from the body’s various system. Following panchakarma, body’s tissues / system become more perceptive & respond quickly to the medicines. Then finally, in order to render permanent immunity & for healthy longevity, Rasayan (Immunomodulators) herbs or herbal combinations are given in various forms like Decoction, medicated Ghee etc., So that, the disease is treated in totality with less or no chances of recurrence or relapse.

        Alternative to panchakarma –

        II) Pachan (Which means, One which improves digestion & cellular metabolism) – A group of special herbs’ preparations is called as “Pachan” herbs. These Pachan herbs are known to improve number of functioning mitochondria (cellularpower house which are constantly digesting food juices absorbed by our tissue & convert it to usable energy for our survival). Another unique action of Pachan herbs is, they remove intra and extra cellular free radicals & toxins, thereby reducing infliction of healthy cells by cancerous cells & also help in reducing inflammation of the tissue. Pachan herbs, due to their bitter alkaloids cut off sugar supply to cancerous cells, leading to “Apoptosis” (cell death) of cancerous cells. Due to these dual mechanism of actions – Protection of healthy cells and death of cancerous cells – Pachan herbs, prevent further growth and spread of cancer. Hence selected group of Pachan herbs play pivotal role in the treatment of all types cancers.

        III) Diet- In cancer, diet should be planned in such a way that it should improve an immunity of healthy cells and should shackle cancer cells. Depending upon the case and patient’s constitution a diet is given. I generally give “Controlled Fasting & or Calorie restricted kind of diet”.

        As per the articles published in various authentic journals from USA & UK like, Frontiers in Oncology, JAMA, BMJ etc, based on the number of clinical trials, it has proven positive effects of short term fasting, calorie restricted diet & Ketogenic (High fat) diet in the management of cancer, without altering the effects of chemotherapy. Thus, the outcome of this modern research corroborates Ayurveda’s Principle of fasting & consumption Medicated Ghee in moderation.

        Last but not the least, many of us are unaware of the fact that, today’s best of the chemotherapeutic drugs (Like Paclitaxils, Vincristine, Campothecin,, Epidophyllotoxin etc. ) Are actually derived from the herbs!! & most of them are developed in west.

        So, now it is a time to evaluate & use Principles of Ayurveda & Herbal Immunomodulators judiciously as an integral part of the management of cancer as chemo preventive medicine.

        Herbs have pleotrophic effects means it can target multiple pathways and receptors to block the growth of cancer cells and at the same time it also improves an Immunity of a person.

        It has been observed that, those who have taken integrated treatment of contemporary medicine along with traditional Ayurveda treatment under the supervision, they have better outcome than others in terms of relapse, recurrence, rate of metastasis and in improving quality of life.

        Herbs like, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Giloy, Moringo, Trigonella, Black raisins, Andrographide, have been found very effective when used as an adjuvant to chemotherapy. They reduce chances of relapse or recurrence and prevent the spread (metastasis) of the disease when started in early stages.

        • Conclusion- Considering the increase in the number of cancer cases due to early detection, it would be definitely prudent to incorporate Ayurveda’s dietary principles along with herbal Immunomodulators as a future roadmap so that person can have a disease free, healthy longevity.

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