BEST Ayurvedic Treatment For All Chronic Diseases & Cancer

B: Based on Modern Research on Ayurveda
E: Effective & Economical
S: Standardized &Safe Herbal Treatment With
T: Traditional Indian Diet & Yoga Therapy

Based On Modern Research On Ayurveda
I treat patients with many of the herbs and Principles of Ayurveda which are tested by modern biochemical tests & various experimental & clinical trials. The results of this modern research on Ayurveda are also published in authentic modern medical journals. This approach provides modern scientific guideline for the better outcome of treatment.

Effective & Economical
Correct diagnosis & proper understanding of patient’s constitution are the important steps for the selection of the best suited herbal treatment for every individual. For that, first, I put my best of the efforts to check the patient from all the possible modern & Ayurveda way of clinical examinations; then if required, I ask for minimum investigations, which saves patients expenditures on unnecessary blood tests & other radiological investigations.

Standardized & Safe Herbal Treatment With
In order to provide best Ayurveda treatment, I use best of the herbal formulations of very selected and safe herbs. Furthermore, these formulations have standardized extract, made as per the international standards. All water, soil & metal contaminations are removed before using it.Many of the formulations are prepared from supracritical & lipidized extracts of the herbs. Due to which natural properties of the herbs are retained & absorption of medicine becomes easy, giving rise to relatively faster result & no organo toxic side effects(No damage to vital organs like- heart, kidney, lungs etc). In some personalities, there may be discomfort like little gas or burping due to some of the herbs. But all these minor side effects are self limiting & can be managed easily. In my Ayurveda practice from 1995 to till date, there is no single case of any serious side effect due to my treatment is seen.

Traditional Indian Diet & Yoga Therapy
Along with the best of the Ayurveda treatment, as stated above, I advise a positive dietary guideline & certain Yogasan which makes every treatment very effective. Many a times, numbers of food stuffs from your own kitchen are advised to be used as a medicine & hence, home remedies are integral part of my treatment, giving an advantage to patient to manage his illness at home without the need of expensive drugs. Last but not the least, no treatment is complete without doing any one or two kinds of exercise, either Yoga, Pranayam or simple walking. Yogasan & meditation play important role in various metabolic diseases like Blood pressure, Diabetes, Gout, High cholesterol. Some kinds of Yoga are very much useful in arthritis, Shoulder pain, Spondylosis, sciatica, neuropathy etc.
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