Can Ayurveda Medicines be taken along with allopathic medicines?

Now a days, patients ,especially after the age of 50 are on one or more allopathic drugs like Anti diabetics, antihypertensive, Cholesterol lowering or on antibiotics, Chemotherapy etc. But still results are not satisfactory or along with these concurrent drugs they are willing to take Ayurveda medicines for same or other problems like allergy, asthma, Arthritis or for improving immunity or to prevent side effects of chemotherapy etc. At that time, question arises that, whether medicines of both the pathies can be taken together? I generally advise that, in such cases, although drug interaction study is not done on each and every drug from Ayurveda & alloapthy, it would be prudent to take these medicines at different timings or at least 30-45 minutes apart. Those who are on Anti Tuberculosis drugs or on Chemotherapy or on warfarin or anti depressant drugs or are hospitalized they should consult their Physician before taking these medicines together.

Are there any steroids in Ayurveda medicines?

There are two types of steroids, 1) Chemical steroids like wyselone, betamethasone, Dexamethasone etc which are manufactured in pharmaceutical companies & to be used only by Allopathic experts in it. 2) natural steroids which are available naturally in various herbs or foods like Bringle, Fenugreek, Sounf , Glycirhagia etc do contain traces of naturally occurring steroids and they are absolutely safe and non toxic. I DONOT MIX ANY KIND OF CHEMICAL STEROIDS IN ANY OF MY HERBAL PREPARATIONS. PATIENT, FOR HIS OWN SATISFACTION AND AT HIS/HER COST CAN TEST IT IN ANY OF THE LABORATORIES IN THE WORLD AND GET IT CONFIRMED.

Metal contents in Ayurveda medicines & what is Bhasma?

Ayurveda has used all kinds of metals & stones like Gold, silver, iron, arsenic, copper, Mercury, Sulfur, pearl, Diamond etc as a valuable source of medicine against various diseases, to be used in advanced stages. It is said that, if these metals are used with proper cautions and guidelines then many a times, incurable diseases are cured completely and person can live for many years with disease free healthy life.

How metals are used?
Metals are not used as it is in their physical form, as available in nature. In olden days, in ancient India a science of Metal (Metalography) was very well advanced. They knew all physical chemical properties along with medicinal and harmful effects of all the metals. Hence, they had invented a very innovative technique of “detoxifying” the metals and were able to augment the useful properties of the metals to be used. This science was known as “Rasashastra” (Study of Mercury)

What is Bhasma
The metal to be used is subjected to various (minimum 8 to maximum 18) process of Shodhan, Maran, Amrutikarn etc. till the metal loses its all physio-chemical properties & becomes like a ash this new form is called as “Bhasma”. Bhasma in this form and when used judiciously by an expert, is not at all toxic. But Bhasma, which is not made properly, means which still has toxic content and if used by non experienced Vaidya, then Bhasma can give rise to toxic side effects like damage to skin, hair, teeth, gums or to other vital organs like kidney & liver

Ayurveda parameters of bhasma of good quality
Metals are heavier than water hence they sink in water but all Bhasma, prepared as per Ayurveda guidelines are so light that they float on the water; this is one of the simplest testing the bhasma’s purity. Rightly made Bhasma is so nano in size that it will be finer than the diameter of our lines on the palm & will get clogged into these fingerprints easily. Rightly made Bhasma are non shiny, non crystalloid. Like this there are several tests are mentioned in Ancient texts of Rasashastra.

Modern Tests for assessing the non toxicity of Bhasma
Following are the authentic journals, in which vigorously studied articles are published after the thorough testing of bhasma by all possible modern technology and surprisingly observation is- “ The bhasma, prepared as per Ayurveda Guidelines are Non-Toxic” . Those who are interested, can read further.

List of articles on Evaluating toxicity of bhasma
journal of advanced pharmaceutical research 2014-vi 5 issue 1 ". Bhasma the ancient Indian nano medicine" Indian j of pharmaceutical sciences 2013/ vol 75/issue 3" acute and subacute toxicity of Tamara bhasma in rats prep from ashodhit and shodhit tamra Advance in applied science and research 2012 " diff Au content in swarna bhasma prep. Indo American j of pharmaceutical research 2013. Development of quality standard of ancient silver based nanomedicine International j of pharmaceutical and biological archives " toxicity studies of nag bhasma when prep as per Ayurveda toxicity eradication 2012. Vol 3 issue 5 Genotoxicity of various bhasma. This was done at international institute of biotechnology and toxicology in 2010 and study confirmed that these bhasma prep as per text are not genotoxic neither by micronucleus nor by commet assays ( kajjali tamra ras mani kya abhrak swas kuthar smriti sagar were the formulations tested for toxicity) Handbook of metalloneutraceuticals by pathak. Crc publication USA 2014 Standardization of Ancient Nanomedicine: Bhasma Monali Vakte1*, Sarita Pawar1, Vishal Pande1- Pharm Analysis & Quality Assurance Vol. 2015, Issue 2

Usage of Metals in Allopathic medicines.
Various metal derivatives are used even in various allopathic drugs like, Magnesium, aluminum in Antacids. Copper, Zinc, Selenium, in multivitamins. Platinum in cancer treatment. Gold injections in Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Hence it is advised, not to take these without consulting your doctor.

Apart from above all description on Bhasma, I do not use metallic preparations or Bhasma, unless absolute necessary and is unavoidable. But in such cases, I first inform patient about the bhasma to be used and proceed only after his/her consent to use Bhasmas. Last but not the least in such cases, I regularly check renal or liver function to asses any kind of slightest damage is seen, so that immediately Bhasma can be withdrawn. But in last so many years of practice from 1995, in whatever small number of cases I used Bhasma, not a single case has developed any side effect. Most importantly, My herbal preparations are metal contamination free, means while processing and taking out extracts from the crude herb, all soil, water contaminations are removed during which metals from the soil etc are filtered out and then extracts are made into tablets or capsules, which are very safe to consume for long term.

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