Sowmya Ramanujam

I visited Dr.Kochar with complaints of inflammations on my face. His patient hearing and positive attitude was very comforting. I assumed I would be loaded with medicines, but what I recvd was just a few and suggestions to change my diet..I am happy to have visited him. I hope for my body to heal soon.

Raj YK

My experience with Dr. Nitin kochar was very good. He listen u carefully and will prescribe medicine also suggest diet and exercise. I was visited for chest pain and one other disease and chest pain has been cured within a month ..

Dashrath Parab

As far dr kochar is concerned our experience is that his diagnosis is the best.. after diagnosis comes his Ayurveda medicines without any side effects ..add to all this no extra tests , no painkillers... getting cured from is also an experience not to be forgotten ... doc your amazing doctor and a trustworthy friend... may thousands patients get the benefit of medication from you..

Santosh Bishnoi

I had chronic Allergy and acidity and with my treatment it is much better. The most amazing thing is that he is extremely positive with treatment plus have utter patience to listen to all the problems. He does not use any kind of steroids or metals.

Irfana Biviji

Rarely you find a doctor who goes beyond, he supports and is available. He explains why so and so medicine is prescribed. He is transparent and honest and thats the best part about a doctor. His medicine works. He has treated my family including my dad who has cancer. We are very lucky to have him as our family physician.

Sushant Bhogulkar

Dr Nitin Kochar is very humble.He always friendly and supportive.Last 2, years I visited many doctors allopathic Homeopathy and ayurveda.but he is one of the great doctor in Ayurveda.He is giving right direction to overcome diagnosise also guides properly for the diet and recommend exercise.His medicine very effective without side effects.Thank you Dr Nitin Kochar sir🙏🙏

Sanjiv Barot

I have been taking Dr. Kochchar's medicines since a month for a torn mydial meniscus. His medicine has helped strengthen my knee joint and my mobility. Both he and his medicines are authentic and effective. It feels good to be in safe hands.

Linda Amel Joe

He can diagnose the problem at the first visit of a patient. It's my own experience. He is a very good doctor.

Jaysinh Ved

We rarely find good Aurvedic Doctor. He is the one we can trust his diagnosis totally. And that too with minimum of the testing reports. He is having good patience and very cooperative to explain in detail.

Kavita Kankariya

Amazing doctor.my child was suffering from skin rashes since one and half month.. tried consulted dermatologist ..paediatrician...n few more doctors...but case unsolved.and met dr.kocher ..as a God ...he diagnosed d case as I entered the clinic....n baby better in one wk...thank you so much doc.

Manish Jethwa

Thanks you doctor for your stone medicines .. my 10 mm kidney stone has been expelled with your Ayurvedic treatments... really appreciated.

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