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Best Ayurveda Treatment For Lung Cancer

Best Ayurveda Treatment For Lung Cancer

In Ayurveda, Cancers are called as Arbuda, it is described that cancer is a swelling which increases very slowly, it does not ripen and it feels stiff and hard on palpation.

Cancers are called as Arbuda, it is described that cancer is a swelling which increases very slowly, it does not ripen and it feels stiff and hard on palpation.

The treatment protocol of cancer in Ayurveda is,
1. Debulking - first to do the reduce the swelling by certain medications to reduce the hardness and size of the swelling then
2. Surgery - Do the surgery followed by
3. Agnikarma (Ancient radiotherapy) local cauterization so that remnants of cancerous cells are also burnt and then to give
4. Rasayana - Rejuvenating medicines to improve the immunity and strength of the body.

Till date ( 12/12/2017) I have given Best Ayurveda treatment for Lung Cancer to various patients. there are various types of cancer like, Adenocarcinomas of the Stomach, Adenocarcinomas of the intestine, Adenocarcinomas of Prostate, Sqamous cell carcinoma of mouth, Osteosarcoma(Bone cancer) , Soft tissue sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, cancer of cervix, Uterus, cancer of ovaries, Small cell carcinoma of lungs, glioblastoma of brain, Renal cell carcinoma, Multiple myeloma, Melanoma (Skin cancer),Breast Cancer, Myxoid chondrosarcoma, Spindle cell Synovial sarcoma, Pancreatic cancer, Thyroid cancer.

Ayurveda Treatment for Blood Cancer is safe, standardized and effective herbal treatment which is targeted mainly at the Mother stem cells of the Cancer , these herbs also have multiple benefits like they reduce blood circulation to cancer cells , they reduce glucose uptake by cancer cells which makes them to starve and weaken their strength of multiplication, these herbs also change the microenvironment of the body there by cancer cells find difficulty to survive, these herbs also act at nuclear factors and make cancer cells to die (apoptosis).

Furthermore Best Ayurveda Treatment for Lung Cancer is standardized herbs and diet planning helps patient to combat with cancer in better way and reduces chances of metastasis and relapse of the disease.

Many a times, surgery and chemotherapy are unavoidable, but due to herbal treatment side effects of chemotherapy become bearable.

At present I do not claims to cure cancer completely only by Ayurveda but assure that with Best Ayurveda treatment for Lung cancer patients quality of life definitely improves and if Ayurveda treatment is started early, then recurrence and metastasis are prevented, in many cases the metastasis are regressed too due to the proper Ayurveda treatment and diet. In my opinion, integrated approach (Ayurveda + Modern treatment) to treat cancer is the best way for the optimum outcome.
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