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Tumerics Neuroprotective Powers.

Pomegranate is called as a "Herbal Haematenic" as it is known to improve the qu haemoglobin mainly if anemia is due to iron and folic acid deficiency. Pomograne is highly recommended by Ayurveda for various heart disorders.It has been proven by modern science that various phyto nutrients like polyphenols in pomegranate are very good anti-Oxidant. Oxidant ( free radicals which are produced in cellular metabolism ) are the culprit for initiating many diseases including atherosclerosis ( a process causing heart blockages ) . ANd pomegranate nullifies the effect of these free radicals. Pomegranate also reduces inflammation & makes blood vessels supple ( not weak or fragile ) and younger. Plus it also improves heart muscle's strength ,hence pomegranate is an excellent fruit for all heart patients. Further , as it is not very sweet like other fruits and does not contain fat, it will not increase the blood sugar and cholesterol.

So all heart patients must have a fist full of pomegranate daily. Further Pomegranate is also very good for Irritable bowel syndrome as it regularize bowel movements. and last but not the least, due to its anti-inflammatory effects, pomegranate is the boon for patients of Ulcerative colitis and chron's disease. But, please do discuss and consult your treating physician first.

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