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Tumerics Neuroprotective Powers.

" Its a human tendency to keep happy memories in pen drive or on desk top but to store resentful, anguished , bitter memories of life in Brain" . This leads to stress and depression. Such kind of constant stress, unhealthy lifestyle and aging, leads to many diseases. One of such diseases is " Dementia" . Actually dementia is the broader term used to describe 200 kinds of diseases of forgetfulness !!!. in short, there are few major causes or kinds of dementia 1. Vascular like due to stroke 2. Due to accumulation of abnormal protein in brain like lewy bodies, plaques etc 3. Infection like CJD, HIV, 4. Injury. & 5. Aging . Due to either of these or mixed causes there is dlow degeneration of brain tiisue and person starts developing symptoms of forgetfullnes, Changes in short-term memory. Changes in mood. Trouble finding the right words. Apathy. Confusion.

Being repetitive All these can be prevented by two of the kitchen Medicines like Ginger and Turmeric helps a lot to prevent the inflammation and prevent accumulation of lewy bodies plus both improve blood circulation and nourish the brain tissues. And both are able to prevent mitochondria damage by free radicals. So when taken with proper advise by an expert, these two " Kitchen Herbs" can greatly contribute to prevent and manage dementia of your dear ones.

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