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Corona covid 19 & Our Immunity.

1. Don't be afraid off , dont be in panic, that affected person will die of corona infection. 2. Follow the guidelines published by Government to prevent the spread and to taker self care . 3 There are no proven " Anti Corona" allopathy / Anti corona Herbs / Anti corona Homeopathy medicines. 4. We can improve our immunity by following

A) Regular exercise B) Exposure to Sunlight fresh air C ) Drink plenty of water ( pl talk to your doctor ) D ) Have at least two fruits per day and 8 to 10 almonds, walnuts E ) fresh vegetables and washed salads F ) Milk, Paneer, Home made Buttermilk, Pulses ,Home made Ghee , G ) Certain " standardized herbal extracts " are known to improve the self immunity by increasing phagocytic - means Germs kilning (Micro-organisms and Viruses killing ) capacity of our immune cells -( namely of Macrophages, Neutrophils and T Lymphocytes ) .

So these herbs can be taken . Pl discuss with your physician . E. Tinospora, Andrographis, Chirayata , Turmeric , Ashwagandha etc all are proven in various modern laboratory and clinical trials to improve Immunity and over all health and quality of life of patients.

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