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Guduchi, Giloy, Amrit valli

These are the few names of this plant. When our "immune system is down or low we get infected by viruses,( Like corona Virus ) bacterial, Fungal etc. Or low immunity will be prone to develop " Cancer" or " HIV". But when our immune system is " Overactive" we get allergic diseases or Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Annkylosing, IBD etc. Antibiotics or antivirals or vaccines are given to treat infections, TB & HIV. And When Immunity is overactive , steroids are given .But there is no one such "Drug" which can act in both the conditions of Depressed & Overactive.

Giloy helps our immunity to fight back infections Via stimulating killing functions of Immune cells Macrophages, T helper and Cytotoxic T cells & B- Cells to produce our own antibodies to kill the infection or cancerous tissues) Hence it is useful in all kinds of infections and Cancers like Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, colon cancer, gall bladder cancer, stomach cancer, Tongue cancers, Bone caners, Leukaemia, Lymphomas etc. When Immune system is over-active, it start damaging our body tissues.

Guduchi improves the function of T- regulatory cells and prevents the in appropriate co-stimulation of toxic immune cells. there by self damage is prevented . So Giloy or Guduchi is very useful in Arthritis, SLE, Ankylosing, Inflammatory bowels, Psoriasis, Vasculitis, Non healing ulcers, and many other such conditions.

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