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AlternativeTo Fecal Transplant Or Poop Pill

Scientists sometimes make repelling discoveries. In the field of health sciences one such new breakthrough is , to do fecal transplant into your gut or to consume capsules made from the healthy human poop which will boost your immunity, vigor and vitality!!

It is also heard that if you are shitting healthy excreta, you will be paid a million dollar!!! But what if you are asked to consume a “Poopill ”?

The concept of having healthy fecal matter is not new, in fact, in Ayurveda it is mentioned that “stool” is a reflection of Gut metabolism & it is the most important driving force for all metabolism & the systems of the body. A robust “Gut” will improve our overall immunity, strength, enthusiasm, charm, complexion, fierce and longevity. Further, it will yield you a million dollar healthy fecal matter too.

Our Gut is an important harboring place for the most important element, which is called “Fire” which is also worshiped as a deity by almost all the religions in the world. This Fire is entrapped in the cells and is called as Mitochondrion; this fire (Mitochondrion) digests the consumed food & converts it into the usable energy and nourishes all the tissues and organs of the body. During this processing a non usable & toxic waste is also produced which is thrown through feces and urine. But before leaving the other end of the body, this faeces is a feast for trillions of bacteria colonizing our large intestines, these wonder creatures cohabitate with us & in exchange they provide us micronutrient by breaking down an undigested food particles. These colonizers also work as a guard for us and fight with terrorist kind of microorganism who are always trying to intrude into our body through the rear boundary. So, if we have healthy microbiota, we will have a healthy rewarding poop. And good bacteria or gut friendly bacteria can germinate only if our digestive system is habitable for them. Consequently, cleanliness of the Gut largely depends upon the strength of our digestive fire.

Seven Signs of healthy poop:

it is non malodorous, even flatus is non odorous,
stool is not very soft or not too hard in consistency,
it is not like a cow dung, it is formed like a banana and
Comes out without any strain and not more than twice a day plus there is a complete satisfaction of evacuation without any further persisting urge of passing stool and does not feel fatigued after passing the stool.
It is devoid of blood, mucus, pus & majorly does not contain visible food particles.
Person has a good appetite, no bloating, and no burping, no excessive flatus and feels energetic after the act of defecation.
He/ she does not need to take purgatives to push the stool and gets a nature’s call at fixed time in the morning & or evening.
Quality of the faecal matter largely depends upon the hygiene of the digestive system and the food we consume. If we follow following guidelines, it will definitely improve the good gut bacterial flora

How to improve digestive system, Digestion & Assimilation?

Eat ginger (plain or with little salt or jaggary – if not diabetic) before the meals, it stimulates digestive juices and fire.
Use plenty of condiments like black pepper, turmeric, coriander, clove, cinnamon, hing, mustard seeds etc. in preparing food, they detoxify various toxins and facilitate digestion plus condiments improve blood circulation and makes channels clean.
Eat roasted flax seeds , ajwayan, sounf after the meals as mouth freshener, they help in assimilation, adsorb gases and improve digestion in large intestine which makes Gut bacteria happy
Comes out without any strain and not more than twice a day plus there is a complete satisfaction of evacuation without any further persisting urge of passing stool and does not feel fatigued after passing the stool.
Drink one glass of butter milk which is full of healthy & natural probiotics , it improves the colonization of healthy bacteria in large intestine.
Avoid junk food, heavy food, road side food
Have healthy and balanced diet as per your constitution, geography and whether.
Do not dump your stomach with large quantity of water in the morning on empty stomach, it douses the fire plus it is a load on the kidney, one should drink not more than maximum two glasses of luke warm water ( plain or with lemon , honey ) . Then throughout the day have one glass per hour. Do not drink excessive water during or before the meals. And drink after thirty minutes of the meal.
Do regular exercise and meditation, relaxation exercise regularly.
Avoid raw salad, spinach, methi leaves, cauliflower in rainy seasons as it is fully contaminated and may have cysts and eggs of worms.
Last but not the least, do one day fasting per week as per your capacity. Means, if your medical conditions allow you to abstain from the food for 12 or 24 hours then do it or if it is not possible to sustain the hunger then whole day have light diet like vegetable soup, thin dal, one or two fruits, coconut water, butter milk, tea, coffee, milk, chana, little khichadi of dal and rice, luke warm water. This act of controlled fasting has tremendous health benefits in number of diseases like Cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, gout, obesity, PCOD etc. As per the noble prize winner dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, this fasting stimulates a mechanism of “Autophagy” in the body which removes all dirt, free radicals , waste material lying in the tissues and organs and utilizes energy trapped in them . It also improves number of active units of Mitochondrion in the cells which increases the longevity of the cells and consequently of the person too who is doing such kind of controlled & intermittent fasting regularly.

The outcome of above mentioned Ten Commandments shall reward you with health, longevity and a healthy (wealthy) donor of poop loaded with super power enriched microbiota to fight with super bugs and other illnesses.

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