Ayurveda Treatment For Lifestyle & Metabolic Disorders

1. Management of Blood Pressure
2. Management of Diabetes
3. Management of Uric acid
4. Management of Obesity

Diseases caused due to wrong life style are called as lifestyle disorders.

It is a very well known universal fact that, Ayurveda is a science of life, its first aim is to prevent from falling sick, in other words it can be said that “ Prevention is better than cure” is the suo-moto of Ayurveda.

Today due to rapid industrialization and increasing urbanization, stress is increasing and couples with no exercise and processed food , diseases like Hypertension (High Blood pressure), Diabetes, High cholesterol, High Uric acid ( Gout) , Atherosclerosis (Clogging of the arteries with fat and inflammatory cells), sleep apnea syndrome, snoring, obesity are increasing which consequently makes person prone to develop heart or brain attack at early age & shortens the life span or increases complication like paralysis, neuropathy, kidney failure etc.

At our centre, we educate patient for proper and healthy day to day diet, exercise and along with detoxification and internal neutralizing treatment with Safe, Standardized and Effective herbs like Berberis, Tinospora( Guduchi), Nagarmotha, Trifala, Punarnava, Arjuna, Methi , Vijaysaar etc. we slowly but successfully help patient to reduce their obesity & their dependency on various drugs.

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