Ayurveda Treatment For Degenerative Diseases

1. Ayurveda treatment of Osteoarthritis of Knee
2. Ayurveda treatment of Osteoarthritis of Shoulder
3. Ayurveda treatment of Osteoarthritis of Spine ( Spondylosis)
4. Ayurveda treatment of Osteoarthritis of ankle
5. Ayurveda treatment of Alzheimer's & Parkinson

A process of constant wear tear is continues in our body. In young age the repair and wearing process is faster that’s why we have maximum tissue strength & functioning strength in young age but as the age advances , the tearing process fastens leading to reduced tissue strength and reduced functioning capacity of that part of the body. This is called “degenerating or degenerated part. Following are the most commonly seen degenerative diseases of the body.

1. Osteoarthritis (O.A.) of the Knee joint -In which cartilages over the femur and tibia are worn out which causes increased friction of these bones over each other & causes lots of pain, difficulty to walk. If this process of degeneration is not arrested, then one day there will be complete degeneration of the cartilages and also of the menisci and person will be unable to walk without support. Many of them will also need a knee replacement surgery.
2. Osteoarthritis of Hip joint
3. Osteoarthritis of the Vertebrae called as Spondylosis
4. Osteoarthritis of shoulder joint
5. Osteoarthritis of finger joints
6. Parkinson’s disease
7. Alzheimer’s

Ayurveda treatment for osteoarthritis (O.A.) It is a known and proven fact that all painkillers are very dangerous especially for diabetics, hypertensive and for heart patients as they cause damage to vital organs like kidney (thereby causing kidney failure.) Internal linings of stomach (thereby causing gastritis, acidity, bleeding) furthermore painkillers it selves increase the process of degeneration hence, as far as possible one should avoid taking painkillers for more than few days. In Ayurveda there are no strong painkillers but various herbs prevents cartilage damages and arrests the further progress of osteoarthritis. Continues usage of good, standardized herbal preparations for Osteoarthritis for few days to weeks definitively reduces the pain and swelling and our herbal medicines do not have any organo-toxic side effects. Along with oral medications, sometimes we also advise patient to do Panchakarma for arthritis for better outcome.

Ayurveda treatment for alziemer’s & Parkinson - These are degenerative diseases of the brain. There are certain herbs like Turmeric & ashwagandha help a lot to these patients in reducing their symptoms and preventing further deterioration. At our centre we provide standardized Curcumin and Ashwagandha for Alziemer’s and Parkinson. Both the preparations are iridized for the optimum absorption in brain.

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