Ayurveda Treatment For Inflamatory & Autoimmune Diseases

1. Understanding inflammation
2. Common Signs & symptoms of inflammation & Shotha
3. Ayurveda treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis, S.L.E., Ankylosing Spondylitis, Non healing ulcer, Psoriasis, Pemphigus vulgaris, Ulcerative colitis
4. Ayurveda treatment of Asthma, Acne, Bronchitis, Hepatitis, Urticaria, allergy, Sinusitis, Migraine, C.O.P.D.

Understanding inflammation - Inflammation is an important reactive process of our immunity system generated in response to unwanted and harmful stimulus. There are various kinds of toxic stimuli –i) All harmful microorganisms-Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi ,spirochete etc ii) or their toxins iii) Foreign body iv) Chemicals v) Allergens vi) Injury from animals, accidents, fights, lightning etc.

In this process of inflammation, various inflammatory cytokines (communicating Chemicals from cells) like TNFα, IL6, IL7, and IL17 etc are generated and they in turn do various functions like increasing blood flow to the affected/injured area, to change the permeability of blood vessels so that our “Soldiers “known as white blood cells, macrophages, monocytes, T& B cells all can reach to the “war zone” area of the body to combat with micro organisms, toxins or with any other who is endangering the health of internal organs.

Common Signs & symptoms of inflammation - Fever, Pain, tenderness (unable to bear the touch on the affected area), redness, and inactivity of the affected area, are the important hallmark signs and symptoms of the Inflammation.

In Ayurveda Shotha is the word for inflammation & all of the following diseases are having Shotha or Inflammation as most important pathology
1. Jwara (Fever)
2. Raktapitta(Bleeding disorders like I.T.P., Dengue, Epistaxis, etc)
3. Pratishyay (allergic/ non allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis)
4. Tamak shwas (Asthma, Bronchitis)
5. Urdhwa shwas (COPD, Interstitial Lung Disease)
6. Kushtha (Like Pimples, Lichen Plannus, Cellulitis,)
7. Sheet pitta- (Urticaria)
8. Kafa-vataj Grahani(Irritable bowel syndrome)
9. Kamla (Hepatitis, Jaundice)
10. Apasmar (Epilepsy)
11. Trimarmeeya shoth (Illnesses due Inflammation of brain, Kidney & Heart)
12. Granthi- Local Lymphadenitis (Swelling of one or two Lymphnode)
13. Gandamala- Generalized lympedenitis (Swelling of one or two Lymphnode)
14. Arbud- Cancer , Soft tissue cancer, Osteosarcoma
15. Arunshika Impetigo (pustules/boils on scalp)
16. Mukhdushika- Acne-Pimples
17. Visarpa Herpes Zoster

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Autoimmune diseases - As the name suggests, when our own immunity becomes hostile, it, instead of protecting our body and organs, it starts producing cytotoxic antibodies”(Bad Antibodies) & they start accumulating around the body parts like, “Synoviam”(covering around the joints) ,skin, Kidney, liver Blood vessels, Intestinal linings etc and produce “Inflammation” which destructs that organ and impairs the functioning of that part due to which person is unable to perform normal functions of that organ. The diseases caused by this kind of wrongly misguided” immunity are called AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES

Autoimmune diseases Described in Ayurveda
1. Aamvata (Rheumatoid arthritis) -in which covering over joints are destroyed, resulting into joint swelling, pain, deformity
2. Paittik Grahani (Ulcerative colitis, Inflammatory bowel diseases) - large Intestinal linings are damaged, resulting into blood and pus in the motions, fever, pain, loss of weight
3. Vatrakta (S.L.E.) - various important organs, mainly blood vessels , kidneys, lungs, retina, skin, joints are damaged ultimately may lead to multi organ failure
4. Vasculitis - internal linings of vessels are damaged, leading to ulceration, swelling, pain, non healing ulcers, and sudden blindness if blood vessels of the eye are damaged.
5. Ankylosing Spondylitis - in which the junction of ligaments and bones are damaged. This especially occurs at the vertebrae and sacroiliac joint. Ultimately leading to bamboo spine and patient may bend in the back.
6. Kitabh Kustha, (Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis) - Inflammatory cells trigger the over production of skin cells and blood vessels which leads to scaly, shiny itchy rashes on the body. If Joints & bones are affected then, they are thinned out, on X-rays film, the bones of the hands and feet look like a sharpened tip of Pencils.
7. Sfota (Pemphigus vulgaris) Cytotoxic antibodies are directed towards our skin & Mucosal membrane of mouth and cause big blisters ,oozing.
8. Indralupta (Alopecia areata, alopecia totalis) The Cytotoxic anti bodies are directed against the hair root and destructs them. When it occurs on the scalp, it causes “patchy hair loss” which is different than male pattern hair loss. When it causes hair loss on the body & eyebrows, it is called Alopecia totalis 9. Dushta Vrana (Non healing ulcer) – Continues formation of Cytotoxic antibodies at the local area of the skin, interferes with the healing process & blood circulation and the wound does not heal. Many a times, even after skin grafting wound does not heal.
Ayurvedeya Description of these autoimmune diseases is almost similar to what is written by modern science today.

Ayurveda Treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
1. The process of purification (called as Panchakarma- please refer to Basic principles of Ayurveda), Sand Fomentation or dry heat. Please note that as per the treatment protocols of Ayurveda, massage is absolutely contraindicated (Not to be done) on any swelling or inflammatory part of the body.
2. Pachan - Internal process of detoxification, various herbs improve metabolism and neutralize toxic cytokines , break the toxic bonds of mucins (called as Aama) changes the PH of the blood and tissues which arrests the process of inflammation
3. Langhan - Fasting for limited period or calorie restricted diet & certain modified diet are proven to reduce load of “Bad antibodies” (Cytotoxic antibodies like TNF, IL7, IL 17 etc) to a great extent (almost 47%) and thereby control the inflammation and improve patient’s quality of life
4. Rasayan - Immuno modulatory herbal preparations restores the imbalanced ratio of Immunity cells (th1/th2) and there by curtail the further process of autoimmunity and inflammation. These herbs also improve the strength & normal functions of the tissues and make them resistance to the injurious effects of above mentioned toxic cytokines & drugs. This is a unique and sole quality of Herbs.
Rasayan also improves the length of the Talomeres (A cap over a gene which determines the age of the cell) and hence increases the longevity, means they extend the life span of a person.
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